HT 81       Low 54       AU 55 BN       R-1   

Am I Not A Woman. 1838. Copper. 28.3mm. Details...

   HT 81 Electro       Low 54 Electro       VF-35   

Am I Not A Woman. 1853 Electrotype. Silver.

   HT 81 UNL       Low 54 UNL       F-15       R-8   

Am I Not a Woman. Crude cast counterfeit.

UNLISTED. Very rough surfaces. Most likely a modern counterfeit.

   HT 81A       Low 54B       MS 62 BN       R-3   

Am I Not a Woman & A Sister. 1838. Copper. 27mm.

Sharply struck with full date. Very scarce variety on 27mm planchet. Hayden says: "By my count the Low 54 is ten times more common than this variety." This token was missing from the John J. Ford collection auctioned by Stack's on June 23, 2004.

Steve Hayden Mail Bid Sale #21, May 22, 2004, lot 636.

   HT 81B       VF 25       R-8   

Am I Not a Woman & A Sister. 1838. Silvered copper. 27mm.

Extraordinarily rare silvered copper variety of this popular anti-slavery piece.

   HT 81B Copy       Low 54B Copy       XF-45       R-8   

Am I Not a Woman & A Sister. Contemporary Copy in Silver.

Appears to be a contemporary copy. There is a small chance this is a struck copy with altered surfaces, in which case this would be extremely rare.

Early American History Auctions sale, October 11, 2003, lot 471.

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