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   HT 16       Low 58       MS 64 RB       R-1   

D1834. Copper. 28m. Plain edge. Basic design * Webster *Details...


The Madison Collection (Heritage Auction Galleries, February 14, 2008, lot 81306).

   HT 17       Low 59       MS 65 BN       R-1   

Daniel Webster. Copper. 1841. 28mm.

Obv: Pleasing brown toning.

Rev: Brown with some peripheral red and at reverse center.

Stack's January 16, 2001 sale, lot 442.

   HT 18       Low 60       MS 64 BN       R-1   

Daniel Webster. 1841. Copper. 28mm. Six pointed star; letters larger; water more turbulent; lightning above; one flash end under A in VAN; the top of the promontory is opposite the same letter; the ship is without bowsprit and has a straight deck. Details...

Sharply struck overall. Light brown toning with vestigal traces of red in the recesses.

Stack's June 23, 1992 sale lot 46.

   HT 19       Low 61       MS 63 BN       R-5   

Daniel Webster. Lightening inside wreck. 1841. Copper. 28mm. Six pointed star; letters larger; water more turbulent; lightning above; one flash ends under A in VAN; the top of the promontory is opposite the same letter; the ship is without bowsprit. Details...

By far the most important and elusive of the Webster Credit ship issues. Crisp clean strike with no problems and even brown toning overall.

   HT 20       Low 62       MS 64 BN       R-1   

Daniel Webster. 1841. Copper. 28.5-29mm. CURRENT instead of CURRENCY; the top of the stern on a line with the left part of the second R in the same word; a small stump of bowsprit. Details...

Exceedingly sharp strike overall, which is rare for this piece.

Obv: Constitution lettering on ship is very sharp.

Rev: Experiment lettering on ship is very sharp.

Stack's June 23, 1992 sale lot 47.
Ex. Roy Harte Collection, Part II (Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, March 27, 1981 lot 1155).

   HT 20 UNL       Low 62 UNL       VF-20       R-9   

Daniel Webster. 1841. Copper. 28.5-29mm. UNLISTED. W.D.J. counterstamp on HT-20 Hard Times Token. W.D.J. is counterstamped on both the obverse and reverse of the token.

   HT 20A       Low 62A       UNC 60       R-7   

Daniel Webster. Struck in Silver. 28.6mm. Details...

Extremely rare. Reflective fields, almost prooflike. Beautifully toned in rich coin silver gray, russet, pale rose, and iridescent blue on both sides. Stacks: Low 62A is commoner than Low 19, with perhaps 10 specimens known, most of which are pristine.

Stack's March 15-16, 2000 sale lot 694.

   HT 20B UNL       Low 62B UNL       VF-25       R-8   

Daniel Webster. Silvered Copper. 18.6mm.

UNLISTED. Silvered copper.

A rare variation. The only other known piece appeared as log 492 in the Stacks 1988 Oechsner Collection sale. The wear on the high points of the sales and other devices indicate this is silvered copper and not pure silver as with HT 20A. About 50% of the silvering remains.

The Sara Hinckley Collection of Hard Times Tokens, PCAC Exonumia Auction #76, November 11, 2006, lot 237.

   HT 21       Low 63       MS 64 BN       R-2   

Daniel Webster. Webster Credit Currency-Van Buren Metallic Currency. 1841. Copper. 28.8mm. * CREDIT 1841 CURRENCY *, straight deck, inscribedCONSTITUTION. Four stays from the bowspritto the foremast; the top of the flag is opposite E in CREDIT.

Lovely reflective brown surfaces overall.

Obv: Bold bisecting die crack through ship, which is a disinguishing feature of this variety.

Stack's Americana sale, January 15-17, 2002, lot 574.

   HT 22       Low 64       MS 65 BN       R-1   

Daniel Webster. 1841. Copper. 29.1mm. Two stays from the bowsprit of the foremast; foretop mast-staysail set, as are eight other sails; the top of the flagstaff on the stern is opposite R in CREDIT. About 90% of these have a slight break in the obverse die between the letters C and Y in CURRENCY, and on a few it extends to the ship, with another break through D in CREDIT, and sometimes continuing through CONSTITUTION. A third and still rarer break is visible at E in CURRENCY.

A lovely specimen overall.

Obv: 60% mint red.

Rev: 50% mint red.

Stack's June 23, 1992 sale lot 49.
Ex Roy Harte Collection Part II, Bowers & Ruddy, March 1981 lot 1157.

   HT 23       Low 65       MS 64 BN       R-4   

Daniel Webster. 1841. Copper. 28.5mm DeWitt 1838-7. Details...

Light brown and gold color with subtle hints of mint red. Small rim imperfection. A very scarce issue showing a Liberty Head reverse.

The John J. Ford Collection (Stack's, June 23, 2004, lot 131).
Ex. F.C.C. Boyd Estate.

   HT 24       Low 66       AU 58 BN       R-3   

Daniel Webster. (1838). Copper. 27.5mm. Details...

Struck from an early state of the dies with little evidence of the rim cuds that later developed on both sides. The vertical ribs on four of the sales are incomplete as usually found. Otherwise this token is quite well struck. This popular type with dies by John Gibbs shows a steer on the revese surrounded by A FRIEND TO THE CONSTITUTION. The legend: AGRICULTURE AND COMMERCE surrounds a ship motif on the obverse. Superior condition to those usually seen which almost always fall in the VF or XF range. From the Donald Miller estate.

PCAC Exonumia Auction #74, December 10, 2005, lot 37. Ex. Donald Miller estate.

   HT 24 UNL       Low 66 UNL       XF-45       R-9   

Daniel Webster. 1838. Gilt or bronze copper. 27.5mm.

UNLISTED. Gilt or bronze copper with much of the gilt or bronze wash remaining. Rulau refers to a reported but unconfirmed gilt specimen. This is most likely that specimen.

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