HT 30       Low 16       MS 62       R-2   

Gulian Verplanck. (1834). Brass. 27.3mm. Reverse has period after FRIEND. Details...

A fully choice specimen were it not for an obverse stain at 3:00. Toned a handsome pale olive-gold with plenty of satiny underlying lustre.

Obv: Toning stain at 3:00.

Reverse has period after FRIEND.

Stack's April 14, 1999 sale lot 2024.

   HT 30 UNL       Low 16 UNL       AU-58       R-9   

UNLISTED. Gulian Verplanck.

UNLISTED. Gulian Verplanck. (1834). Gilt plated. 28mm. Unlisted in gilt plated metal.

Steve Hayden Mail Bid Sale #20, October 18, 2003, Lot 600.

   HT 30B       Low 16B       UNC 60       R-4   

Gulian Verplanck. (1834). Silver Brass. 27.1mm. Reverse has period after "Friend".

Obv: Small discoloration spot in right obverse field.

The Rich Uhrich Collection, Stack's, February 26-27, 2008, lot 3468.

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