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Great Collections


   HT 1       Low 1       AU 55 BN       R-6   

Andrew Jackson. 1832. Copper. 27mm. DeWitt AJACK 1831-1. Type I. Small Head. Diagonally reeded edge. Details...

A gorgeous specimen, nice rich brown in color with clear fields. This is probably the most common of the three head types.

Rev: Slightly off center to the upper right.

The John J. Ford Collection (Stack's, June 23, 2004, lot 1).
Ex. Donald Miller Collection, which Miller traded for Ford's F.C.C. Boyd specimen in June 1983. Origionally cost $275 in a 1955 New Netherlands auction.

   HT 1A       Low 166       XF Details       R-8   

Andrew Jackson. 1832. Copper. 27mm. Details...

Obv: Light corrosion or pitting, which is common in these pieces. Small rim bump at 12:00.

   HT 5       Low 3       AU 55       R-3   

Andrew Jackson. 1834. Brass. 27mm. Details...

   HT 6       Low 4       AU 58       R-8   

Andrew Jackson. 1834. Brass.27mm. Roman Bust. Details...

Reverse is especically sharply struck. WE / COMMEMORATE / THE GLORIOUS / VICTORIES… Much lustre.

Stack's January 21, 2003 sale, lot 1239.
Ex. David Sonderman Collection (Stack's June 1992, lot 2).

   HT 6A       Low 4A       UNC Details       R-6   

Andrew Jackson. (1834). Silvered Brass. 27mm.

A medium gray example with patches of deeper toning in the devices. Quite scarce!

Stack's April 14, 1999 sale lot 2022.

   HT 7       Low 5       UNC 60       R-5   

Andrew Jackson. Large Shield. Reeded edge variety. Period after N of N. Orleans Details...

Definitely superior to Rulau plate coin. Orange and gold toning overall. This specimen is undoubtedly the finest known.

Heritage sale #333, November 6, 2003, lot 16022.

   HT 8       Low 5A       XF-45       R-8   

Andrew Jackson. Small Shield. 1833. Brass. 26mm. No period after N. Comes with upset and non-upset reverse. Well struck obverses command a premium. Reeded edge. Details...

A beautiful coin. Very pleasing to the eye and an ancient cleaning is not detectable.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 9       Low 8       MS 63 BN       R-1   

Running Boar. 1834. Copper. 28.6mm.

Obv: About 15% red. Scratch on reverse to right of Jackson's head.

Rev: About 15% red.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 10       Low 9       UNC 60       R-3   

Running Boar. 1834. Brass. 28.5mm. Details...

Pig's snout points to C of CREDIT. Jackson narrow shoulders. HT 10 is on a thick planchet. Struck from the same dies as Low 8, but from a relatively early state of the dies as it does not show the die break on the reverse extending from the M in MY through the L in GLORY and the E of THE.

PCAC Exonumia Auction #74, December 10, 2005, lot 7.

   HT 10A       Low 9B       MS 64       R-3   

Running Boar. Silvered Brass. 1834. 28.5mm. Pig's snout pointsto C of CREDIT. Jackson narrow shoulder. Thin Planchet.

Nicely toned with full original silvering. A very pleasing example.

Stack's April 18, 2001 sale, lot 1385.

   HT 11       Low 10       MS 64 BN       R-2   

Running Boar. 1834. Copper. 28.5mm. Types as above, snout to space between PERISH and CREDIT, broader-shouldered Jackson bust.

Light brown surfaces with much mint red remaining.

Stack's Americana sale, January 15-17, 2002, lot 552.

   HT 11A       Low 10A       XF-45       R-7   

Running Boar. 1834. Silvered Copper. 28.3mm. Pig's snout points between H of PERISH and C of CREDIT. Jackson wide shoulders.

Rev: A number of scattered pencil point digs on the reverse.

The Charles Litman Collection, PCAC sale #72, December 6, 2003, lot 18.
Probably Ex. Donald Miller Collection.

   HT 12       Low 11       MS 63       R-5   

Running Boar. 1834. Brass. 29mm.

Medium golden brown toning overall.

Obv: Slightly weaker than reverse. Light scratches obverse rim 12:00.

Stack's April 15, 1992 sale lot 3570.
Ex John L. Roper II sale (Stacks March 20, 1984, lot 333).
Ex Garrett Collection Part II (Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, March 26 & 27, 1980, lot 1104).

   HT 12A       Low 11A       AU 50       R-6   

Running Boar. 1834. Silver Brass. 29mm.

20% bright with 60% of original Silvering and a couple of small spots.

Obv: Lightly cleaned.

Rev: Even toning.

Steve Hayden Mail Bid Sale #25, July 1, 2006, lot 437.

   HT 13R       Low 168R       UNC 60s       R-1   

Running Boar. 1824. Copper-coated lead alloy. 29mm. Modern (post-1960) replica, made of the wrong metal and carrying an erroneous date. The edge is irregular, similar to that on electrotype copies.

Obv: Perish Credit Perish Commerce My Victory Down with the bank.

Rev: My Substitute for the US Bank Experiment my currency my glory.

   HT 14       Low 6       AU 55       R-5   

Whig Victory, 1834 Brass, erngrailed edge. 25.7mm. The edge may be described as engrailed or diagonally left reeds. Details...

Struck about 5% off center. Deep yellow-gold toning with one or two inconsequential stains. A very scarce and historically significant hard times token.

Stack's April 14, 1999 sale lot 2023.

   HT 14B UNL       Low 6B UNL       XF-45       R-9   

UNLISTED. Whig Victory, 1834. Silvered brass. Plain edge. 25.7mm. Ship sailing left. The Low Plate Token for this variety, Plate I. This is most-likely the HT-14B that Rulau says may not exist.

About 60% silvering remains on obverse, more than 70% on reverse. Pale silver in most areas, otherwise light brassy gold in color. Struck from the perfect reverse die to celebrate the Whig victory in the New York election of 1834.

Rev: Thare are small reverse linear marks which might be mint made. Shallow reverse rim tics at 7:00 positively match this to the Low plate.

Stack's, July 21, 2004, lot 1034.
Ex. Robert Schonwalter Collection (Stacks, January 20-21, 2004, lot 2244.) Noted by Schonwalter as ex Bauer, Dr. Black.

   HT 15       Low 7       MS 61 BN       R-6   

Whig Victory. 1834. Copper. 27mm. Reeded edge. Liberty cap type. DeWitt 1834-2. Details...

Traces of original red luster and a very strong strike. Undoubtedly the finest known example and the Rulau plate token for this variety. Superior to the Ford specimen sold on June 23, 2004.

Steve Hayden Mail Bid Sale #20, October 18, 2003, Lot 593.
Ex. Roy Harte Collection, Part II (Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, March 27, 1981, lot 1154) where it realized $3,500.

   HT 16       Low 58       MS 63 BN       R-1   

Daniel Webster. 1841. Copper. 28mm. Plain edge. Basic design * Webster * Details...

Red and brown toning overall.

Stack's Coin Galleries February 27, 2001 sale, lot 1348.

   HT 17       Low 59       MS 65 BN       R-1   

Daniel Webster. Copper. 1841. 28mm.

Obv: Pleasing brown toning.

Rev: Brown with some peripheral red and at reverse center.

Stack's January 16, 2001 sale, lot 442.

   HT 18       Low 60       MS 64 BN       R-1   

Daniel Webster. 1841. Copper. 28mm. Six pointed star; letters larger; water more turbulent; lightning above; one flash end under A in VAN; the top of the promontory is opposite the same letter; the ship is without bowsprit and has a straight deck. Details...

Sharply struck overall. Light brown toning with vestigal traces of red in the recesses.

Stack's June 23, 1992 sale lot 46.

   HT 19       Low 61       MS 63 BN       R-5   

Daniel Webster. Lightening inside wreck. 1841. Copper. 28mm. Six pointed star; letters larger; water more turbulent; lightning above; one flash ends under A in VAN; the top of the promontory is opposite the same letter; the ship is without bowsprit. Details...

By far the most important and elusive of the Webster Credit ship issues. Crisp clean strike with no problems and even brown toning overall.

   HT 20       Low 62       MS 64 BN       R-1   

Daniel Webster. 1841. Copper. 28.5-29mm. CURRENT instead of CURRENCY; the top of the stern on a line with the left part of the second R in the same word; a small stump of bowsprit. Details...

Exceedingly sharp strike overall, which is rare for this piece.

Obv: Constitution lettering on ship is very sharp.

Rev: Experiment lettering on ship is very sharp.

Stack's June 23, 1992 sale lot 47.
Ex. Roy Harte Collection, Part II (Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, March 27, 1981 lot 1155).

   HT 20A       Low 62A       AU 55       R-7   

Daniel Webster. Struck in Silver. 28.6mm. Details...

Extremely rare. Reflective fields, almost prooflike. Beautifully toned in rich coin silver gray, russet, pale rose, and iridescent blue on both sides. Stacks: Low 62A is commoner than Low 19, with perhaps 10 specimens known, most of which are pristine.

Stack's March 15-16, 2000 sale lot 694.

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