HT 299       Low 371       XF Details       R-6   

N. York & Harlaem Railroad, New York City. 18.2mm. German Silver. Octagonal. (1835-8). Counterstamp Rosette. Details...

Struck by Bale and Smith. A rare issue that is especially popular with transportation collectors. Scarcer than than the uncounterstamped pieces of this variety that are usually encountered.

Obv: A "T" shaped scratch above the coach on the obverse.

Rev: Rosette counter stamp on the referse.

The Charles Litman Collection, PCAC sale #72, December 6, 2003, lot 131. (Not from the Litman Collection itself.)

   HT 301       Low 272A       MS 63 BN       R-8   

N-York & Harlaem Railroad Company. New York, NY. (1835-8). Copper. 18mm. Octagonal. Counterstamp of leaf on obverse.

Finest known example of this extremely rare token.

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