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   HT 69       Low 44       MS 64 BN       R-1   

I Take The Responsibility. 1837. Copper. 28-1/2mm. Letters & date larger, stars smaller and six-pointed bowsprit points to star before V. Details...

Considerable mint red and thus scarce.

Stack's June 23, 1992 sale lot 24.

   HT 70       Low 51       MS 65 BN       R-1   

I Take The Responsibility. (1833). Copper. Details...

Very lusterous light brown and problem free. Die is beginning to show signs of deterioration through long use. Some rust, very typical for this token.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 70A       Low 171       UNC 60       R-3   

I Take The Responsibility. (1833). Copper gilt. 28-29mm

Nearly full gilding remains. Sharply struck and attractive.

Stack's April 15, 1992 sale lot 3641.
Ex John L. Roper II sale (Stack's March 20, 1984, lot 428).

   HT 70 Error       Low 51 Error       XF-45       R-8   

I Take The Responsibility. (1833). Copper. 29mm.

Slightly (15%) off center, with big die cracks through the lower obverse. Smooth planchet, but has dark areas.

   HT 71       Low 52       MS 65       R-2   

I Take The Responsibility. (1837). Brass. 29mm. Details...

Bowers and Marena, February 28, 2008, lot 8. Ex. John J. Ford, Jr. Collection, Stacks, June 2004, lot 113. Earlier Ex: Donald Miller Collection and Dr. George Hetrich.

   HT 72       Low 53       MS 62 BN       R-2   

I Take The Responsibility. Copper. 29mm. (1837-42). This is an inferior copy of Low 51 with no "H" under the safe.

Slightly proof-like. A cruder execution of the above them of Jackson with sword guarding strong box with Jack Ass on reverse. Well struck in the centers, although the borders are more softly defined. There are no significant marks, but a strike-through weakens the second I in RESPONSIBILITY. The dies are clashed and have medal turn. The rims are much higher than those seen on Low 51 and Low 52. Low 53 is an inferior copy of Low 51, with no H below the safe. Hayden: Quite rare this nice and only the 5th example in Uncirculated I have recorded.

Steve Hayden mail bid sale #26, December 9, 2006, lot 567.
Ex. The Troy Wiseman Collection (Heritage Auction Galleries, September 16, 2006, lot 5833).

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