HT 31       Low 17       AU 53 BN       R-3   

Illustrious Predecessor. 1837. Copper. 28.5mm. Details...

Even chocolotate brown toning overall.

Obv: Sharp in all details except the carapace of the turtle (which appears to be a Maryland Diamond Back Terrapin.)

Rev: Small carbon spot at 3:00.

Ex. Garret Collection Part II, Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, March 26 & 27, 1980, lot 1106.

   HT 32       Low 18       UNC 60       R-1   

Illustrious Predecessor. 1837. Copper. 29mm. The jackass and ground beneath, on this and the two varieties following, are longer than on the preceding; right ear points to right part of first L in ILLUSTRIOUS: left ear between and beyond the letters. Details...

Strike is average overall, lacking some detail on the high points of the turtle.

Obverse is red and brown, about 30% red.

Rev: A beautiful blend of irridescent tan and blue/green.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 33       Low 19       MS 66 BN       R-1   

Illustrious Predecessor. 1837. Copper. 28.5mm. Corner of safe opposite right part of X in EXECUTIVE; the perpendicular strap on end passes through the exact center of handle; rosettes are smaller and less leaf-like; the ground and grass are different; date small, 7 above G in agent. DeWitt CE-1838-3.

Low-19 is readily distinguished from Low-17 and Low-18 by the placement of THE beneath FOLLOW on the reverse legend. This lustrous and unabraded Premium Gem has steel-blue toning, particularly across the central reverse, which blends with the golden-brown patina that lightens near the borders. The strike is good albeit not razor-sharp on the donkey's flank or the highpoint of the tortoise shell.

The Troy Wiseman Collection (Heritage Auction Galleries, September 16, 2006, lot 5796).

   HT A33       MS 62       R-5   

ILLUSTRIOUS PREDECESSOR. 1837. Copper. 29.5mm. As 33, but borders are denticles, not beads. Donkey's ear does not touch I in IN.

Rev: About 10% off center.

   HT 34       Low 20       MS 65 BN       R-1   

Illustrious Predecessor. 1837. Copper. 28.8mm. As figure 31 with word FINANCIERING instead of EXPERIMENT. Proportions of safe are slightly different from preceding; the straps on end pass through handle a little left of its center. Details...

Well struck overall, iwth lots of detail.

Obv: Light complexion hints of mint red throughout.

Rev: Nice chocolate bown reflective surface

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 34C       Low 20C       AU 50 BN       R-8   

Illustrious Predecessor. 1837. Copper. 28.7mm. Blank reverse as made. Details...

Uniface Hard Times Tokens are extremely rare, and it is unclear why a few select pieces were manufactured this way.

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