HT 65       Low 40       MS 65 BN       R-2   

Phoenix-May Tenth. 1837. Copper. 28mm.

The Patterson Sale, Kagin's May 6, 1988, lot 2325.

   HT 66       Low 47       MS 64 BN       R-1   

Phoenix-May Tenth. 1837. Copper. 28mm. Details...

Light brown and mellowed red toning.

Stack's January 21, 2003 sale, lot 1249.
Ex. Herbert M. Oechsner Collection (Stack's, September 1988, lot 475), previously from the Miller and Tilden Collections.

   HT 66A       Low 47A       MS 64 BN       R-1   

May Tenth. 1837. Copper. 28mm. On 66A, both sides face the same way. On 66, each side is in inverse relation to the other.

A very attractive, crisply struck specimen with traces of mint red.

Rev: Noticable mint red in the center and in the peripheral letters.

   HT 67       Low 48       MA 64 BN       R-1   

May Tenth. 1837. Copper. 28mm.

A nice even brown color with glossy surfaces.

The Sara Hinckley Collection of Hard Times Tokens, PCAC Exonumia Auction #76, November 11, 2006, lot 29.

   HT 67A UNL       Low 48A UNL       XF-45       R-9   

UNLISTED. May Tenth. 1837. Silvered. 28mm. Unlisted in silver plated metal.

Possibly unique piece. This piece is not listed in Rulau 6th Edition.

   HT 67F       Low 48F       F-25       R-9   

May Tenth. 1837. Copper. A crude contemporary counterfeit struck copy of HT-67.

Very rough surfaces as usual for this piece.

   HT 68       Low 67       MS 62 BN       R-1   

May Tenth. 1841. Copper. 28mm. HT 64, 65, 66, 66A, 67 and 68 are Scovill strikes. Details...

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

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