HT 163       Low 265       AU 55 BN       R-1   

William H. Milton. (1830-34). Copper. 28.5mm.

Obv: Some mint red is still visible on the obverse.

Stack's April 14, 1993 sale lot 2787.

   HT 164       Low 266       MS 65 BN       R-1   

WM. H. Milton & Co. ( 1835-44). Copper. 29.1mm. WAREHOUSE.

30% red blending with brown and irredescent blue. This token is very scarce in high grade even though Rulau does not reflect this. An exciting token!

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 164A       Low 266A       UNC 60       R-8   

William H. Milton. (1835-44). Copper. 29.1mm.

Very slight silvering around the obverse lettering. Very crisp strike overall, indicating minimal die wear at the time of striking.

Stack's April 14, 1993 sale lot 2788.

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