HT 9       Low 8       MS 66 BN       R-1   

Running Boar. 1834. Copper. 28.6mm.

Attribution: DeWitt CE 1834-9

Pig's snout points to C of CREDIT. Jackson narrow shoulders.

The Troy Wiseman Collection (Heritage Auction Galleries, September 16, 2006, lot 5762).

   HT 10       Low 9       UNC 60       R-3   

Running Boar. 1834. Brass. 28.5mm. Details...

Pig's snout points to C of CREDIT. Jackson narrow shoulders. HT 10 is on a thick planchet. Struck from the same dies as Low 8, but from a relatively early state of the dies as it does not show the die break on the reverse extending from the M in MY through the L in GLORY and the E of THE.

PCAC Exonumia Auction #74, December 10, 2005, lot 7.

   HT 10A       Low 9B       MS 64       R-3   

Running Boar. Silvered Brass. 1834. 28.5mm. Pig's snout pointsto C of CREDIT. Jackson narrow shoulder. Thin Planchet.

Nicely toned with full original silvering. A very pleasing example.

Stack's April 18, 2001 sale, lot 1385.

   HT 11       Low 10       MS 64 BN       R-2   

Running Boar. 1834. Copper. 28.5mm. Types as above, snout to space between PERISH and CREDIT, broader-shouldered Jackson bust.

Light brown surfaces with much mint red remaining.

Stack's Americana sale, January 15-17, 2002, lot 552.

   HT 11A       Low 10A       XF-45       R-7   

Running Boar. 1834. Silvered Copper. 28.3mm. Pig's snout points between H of PERISH and C of CREDIT. Jackson wide shoulders.

Rev: A number of scattered pencil point digs on the reverse.

The Charles Litman Collection, PCAC sale #72, December 6, 2003, lot 18.
Probably Ex. Donald Miller Collection.

   HT 12       Low 11       MS 63       R-5   

Running Boar. 1834. Brass. 29mm.

Medium golden brown toning overall.

Obv: Slightly weaker than reverse. Light scratches obverse rim 12:00.

Stack's April 15, 1992 sale lot 3570.
Ex John L. Roper II sale (Stacks March 20, 1984, lot 333).
Ex Garrett Collection Part II (Bowers & Ruddy Galleries, March 26 & 27, 1980, lot 1104).

   HT 12A       Low 11A       AU 50       R-6   

Running Boar. 1834. Silver Brass. 29mm.

20% bright with 60% of original Silvering and a couple of small spots.

Obv: Lightly cleaned.
Rev: Even toning.

Steve Hayden Mail Bid Sale #25, July 1, 2006, lot 437.

   HT 13R       Low 168R       UNC 60s       R-1   

Running Boar. 1824. Copper-coated lead alloy. 29mm. Modern (post-1960) replica, made of the wrong metal and carrying an erroneous date. The edge is irregular, similar to that on electrotype copies.

Obv: Perish Credit Perish Commerce My Victory Down with the bank.

Rev: My Substitute for the US Bank Experiment my currency my glory.

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