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   HT 157       Low 80       MS 62 BN       R-1   

S. B. Schenck. 1834. Copper. 28.5mm.

Small planchet clip at 6:00. Light brown with booming luster. Faded mint color is present on the reverse. The strike is somewhat weak, especially around the edge lettering.

Rev: Weak strike around the edges fades some of the lettering into the surface.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 158       Low 84       MS 63 BN       R-1   

S. B. Schenck. 1834. Copper. 28.5mm. Planing and Tonging - Jointing of Wood Attleboro, Mass.

Obv: Lusterous surfaces with shades of red and blue.

Rev: Well-struck with traces of mint red remaining in the lettering and blue surfaces.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 160       Low 326       AU 50       R-2   

S. B. Schenck Planing Machine. 1834. Copper. 28.5mm. Peck & Brunham.

About Uncirculated, adverage strike. Red and brown natural color.

Obv: Some carbon spotting.

Stack's November 10, 1998 sale lot 2542.

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