HT 366       Low 156       AU 55 BN       R-6   

N. Starbuck & Son. Troy, NY. (1835). Copper. 28mm. No stars under head. Details...

A glossy brown example of this token which is always found in a worn condition. This piece is far better struck than almost every other example, save for the 1989 Steinberg sale piece. This example is probably the second finest known!

The John J. Ford Collection (Stack's, June 23, 2004, lot 298).
Ex. F.C.C. Boyd Estate.

   HT 368       Low 284       AU 55 BN       R-2   

N. Starbuck & Son. Troy, NY. (1835). Copper. 29.2mm. From study of HT 368 specimens, it is certain there were at least three striking -normal, dies rotated 90 degrees, and dies rotated 180 degrees. All plain edge.

A pleasing, lightly circulated example with medium brown surfaces and a far superior strike than usually seen. It is unlikely there is a better, more crisply struck example of this variety. N. Starbuck & Son offered ploughs, plough casings, and "screws for paper, oil, and cider."

Obv: Plow in multi-line legend.

Rev: Vividly struck and detailed, two weak areas as made in outer rim.

The Troy Wiseman Collection (Heritage Auction Galleries, September 16, 2006, lot 5957).

   HT 368 UNL       Low 284 UNL       F-20       R-9   

N. Starbuck & Son. Troy, NY. (1835). Silver. UNLISTED. Silver or silvered.

Silver or silvered and unlisted as such. This piece appears to be pure silver. The high points do not appear to show any underlying copper or brass, indicating this is probably a pure silver piece.

Obv: A massive die break extends from the "U" in STARBUCK through the "R" in FURNACE. Ancient scratches below the plough.

The Sara Hinckley Collection of Hard Times Tokens, PCAC Exonumia Auction #76, November 11, 2006, lot 342.

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