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   HT 25       Low 12       MS 63 BN       R-1   

The Constitution. Copper. 1834. 28.6mm. Comes with upset and non-upset reverse.

Obv: Well struck in the lettering, which is unusual for this piece.

Rev: upset 180 degrees. Dark brown toning overall.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 25B       Low 12B       MS 62 BN       R-7   

A Plain System Void of Pomp. 1834. Copper. 30mm. Comes with upset and non-upset reverse. Details...

Well struck on a large 30mm planchet. A very rare token, it was missing from the John J. Ford collection.

Steve Hayden Mail Bid Sale #21, May 22, 2004, lot 611.

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