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   HT 213       XF 45 BN       R-4   

W.A. Thomson. Buffalo, NY. (1838-39). Copper. 38mm. Anvil and hammer in center, NO. 9 on side of anvil. W.A. THOMSON above, WEBSTER BUILDINGS / BUFFALO below. Reeded edge.

Attribution: Miller NY 25.

Pleasing brown reflective surfaces overall. This token is quite scarce and very difficult to locate in this condition.

Rev: Small edge nick 9:00.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 214       AU 55 BN       R-5   

W.A. Thomson. Buffalo, NY. (1833-34). Copper. 33mm. Anvil in center, W.A. THOMSON above BUFFALO N.Y. below. Reverse: Tea kettle in center, IMPORTERS above OF HARDWARE below. Reeded edge.

Attribution: Wright 1142. Miller NY 26.

A nicely struck golden-brown representative that has a band of subtle luster throughout the legends and about the devices. The centers display only a few trivial ticks, and these were likely present on the planchet prior to the strike. Although this token was first thought to be from the 1820 period, directory searches indicate the issuance in the 1840-45 period.

The Troy Wiseman Collection (Heritage Auction Galleries, September 16, 2006, lot 5886).

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