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   HT 421A       Low 384A       MS 62       R-5   

James Watson, Hardware. (1835). Brass gilt. 27mm. Reeded edge.

Choice uncirculated with full gilt. An exceptionally sharp piece with a needle-nose strike.

The Litman, Dreyfus & Sullivan Collections (PCAC sale #73, December 4, 2004, lot 93).

   HT 421B UNL       Low 384B UNL       AU-58       R-8   

UNLISTED. JAMES WATSON, Philadelphia, Pa. Copper. Unlisted in this metal.

Choice About Uncirculated. A very rare token. An importer and dealer in hardware and cutlery.

Obv: Anvil.

Rev: Some old reverse digs. Saw on reverse.

Stack's Coin Galleries February 27, 2001 sale, lot 1378.

   HT 422       Low 384B       MS 63       R-5   

JAMES WATSON, PHILADELPHIA, PA. (1835). Gilt Brass. 27.1mm. Reeded edge.

A choice piece with full gilt.

Obv: Some toning on right-hand side.

Rev: Some toning around saw blade.

The Charles Litman Collection, PCAC sale #72, December 6, 2003, lot 133. (Not from the Litman Collection itself.)

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