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   HT 26       Low 13       AU 55       R-4   

William Seward. 1834. Brass. 27mm. Details...

Obv: Tarnished, as is common. A few dark spots.

Rev: Tarnished, as is common.

   HT 27       Low 14       XF-40       R-5   

William Seward. (1834). Brass. 28mm. Details...

Residue is not visible.

   HT 27A       Low 14A       UNC Details       R-5   

William Seward. (1834). Brass. Silver plated before striking. Details...

Obv: Silver plating only visible in recesses near bust and in lettering as is typical on this token.

Rev: Silvering around edges of eagle and in talons and branch.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 28       Low 15       MS 61       R-3   

William Seward. Brass. (1834). 27.1mm.

Nice light golden yellow in color with somewhat darker centers. Some planchet roughness but good sharpness and fully lustrous around the letters.

Rev: Sharp details on eagle.

The John J. Ford Collection, Part IV (Stack's, June 23, 2004, lot 56). Ex. F.C.C. Boyd Estate.

   HT 29A UNL       Low 169A       AU 50       R-7   

William Seward. Brass. 27mm.

Rare mule of Low 15 Seward obverse and an unlisted reverse with periods after both FAITHFUL and FRIEND. The reverse of Low 15 had a period after Faithful while the Low 16 reverse has a period after Friend. Nicer strike than XF example in PCAC Nov 1999.

Steve Hayden Mail Bid Sale #20, October 18, 2003, Lot 652.

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