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HT 265A, Low 119A
LOW 119. FEUCHTWANGER THREE CENT PIECE. HT 265. 23.6mm. Feuchwanger’s Composition.

The obverse is similar to #118, but the eagle and rocks are smaller and the date larger. The reverse legend: FEUCHTWANGER’S COMPOSITION encloses an oak wreath closed at the top by the numeral “3”. THREE/ CENTS at center.

This is by far the rarest of the three cent Feuchtwanger tokens. The triple struck 1989 Steinberg specimen was brought back at $6600.00 and then sold at the 2002 Steinberg sale for $9775.00.

(H. Joseph Levine, PCAC, The Charles Litman Collection, December 6, 2003)

HT 265 and 265A are the same token, the difference being the latter is called “Proof”. We suspect that the present specimen would qualify in most collectors’ minds as a 265A, as we have called it, here.

(Stacks, the John J. Ford Collection, Part IV, June 23rd, 2004)