What The Experts Say...

HT 272, Low 151.
An elusive piece, the Harte, Roper, Leidman specimen was holed & plugged and neither the Landmark nor the Garrett Collection had a representative piece. The VF Steinberg 200s token with the number 58 inked in the obverse field above the cow brought $690.00.

(H. Joseph Levine, PCAC, The Charles Litman Collection, December 6, 2003)

W. GIBBS, AGRICULTUREIST, the father of John Gibbs (issuer of Low 150). The obverse is the same as that of Low 66 while the reverse is the type of a Canadian Bouquet Sou type. Quite scarce and underappreciated.

(Stacks, the John J. Ford Collection, Part IV, June 23rd, 2004)