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HT 304, Low 127

Edward Phalon probably began his business as a hair dresser at 161 Chatham Stree in 1834. From then until 1860 he changed location at least 11 times, one address being the 35 Bowery address on the token. In 1842 he was opposite St. Paul's at 214 Broadway, where he sold the "Amazon Toupee" for which (along with his "Wigs and Scalps") the American Institute awarded him a silver medal in 1841, and their first premium in 1842.

In 1848 he was at 61 Broadway, where his extensive advertisements touted "Chemical Hair Invigorator." At the height of his prosperity he occupied an elegant sop in the St. Nicholas Hotel, where his prices for services and cosmetics matched the brilliance of the numerous mirrors, gilded frames, marble basins, and silver-plated fixtures which adorned the salon. He he remained until the hotel closed.

His "Night Blooming Cereus" was the best known, and last, of his successes before he retired. Low interviewed him in 1886 but Phalon could provide little information about his store card.

An 1849 advertisement for Edward Phalon's "Chemical Hair Invigorator" indicated that Phalon opened his 197 Broadway "bathing and hair cutting rooms" in May, 1843.

(Rulau 9th Edition)