HT 75       Low 56       AU-55       R-3   

Martin Van Buren. (1840). Copper. 28mm. DeWitt MVB 1840-6. Unsigned, but ascribed by McSorley to Frederick B. Smith. Holed as isued. Details...

Rulau plate coin. This token is struck from the same dies as the MVB 1840-6 piece. This piece, however, is struck in brass (and thus has a different Low & HT number). Ex. Chet Krause. PCAC Exonumia Auction #74, December 10, 2005, lot 67. Ex. Chet Krause

   HT 75A       Low 172       VF-35       R-3   

Martin Van Buren. Brass. 1840. 24mm. Details...

Cleaned one time.

Stack's June 23, 1992 sale lot 38.

   HT 75B       Low 172A       XF-40       R-4   

Martin Van Buren. Silvered Copper. 1840. 29mm.

Obv: 50% silvering remains. Rev: 50% silvering remains

   HT 76       Low 57       AU 55       R-6   

Martin Van Buren. Subtreasury and Democracy. MVB 1840-7. Brass. 23mm. Details...

Holed as made. This is one of the finest known of this variety! An elusive issue missing from all but advanced collections.

The Charles Litman Collection, PCAC sale #72, December 6, 2003, lot 47.
Probably Ex. Donald Miller Collection.

   HT 77       Low 162       VF 30 BN       R-5   

Martin Van Buren. Independent Treasury. 1840. Copper. 24mm. Details...

Holed as made. A nice, evenly worn specimen.

   HT 77B       Low 183B       XF-45       R-8   

Martin Van Buren. Independent Treasury. Gilt Copper. Pain edge. 24mm. Holed for suspension as made. MVB 1840-8. Numbers 77, 77A and 77B always occur holed. 77 has either a plain or diagonally reeded edge, while 77A and B have a plain edge. These pieces may not have seen currency use.

Holed as made. Traces of gilding (10%) remain around the rims.

The Robert Schonwalter Collection of U.S. Hard Times Tokens, Stacks, January 20, 2004, lot 2303.
Ex. New Netherlands Coin Company, May 17, 1952. Noted as Bought as L162.

   HT 78       Low 190       AU 55       R-4   

Martin Van Buren. (1840). White metal. 38mm. MARTIN VAN BUREN. Uniform & Sound Currency. The Sub Treasury. Plain edge.

Nice evenly struck and evenly worn piece.

NASCA sale, lot 1354.

   K3       F-25       R-6   

Martin Van Buren. (1836). Grilt Brass. 26mm.

DeWitt MVB 1840-2. Satterlee #50.

Holed as made.

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