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Great Collections


   HT 261       Low 248       AU-58       R-7   

Dr. L. Feuchtwanger. (1831-36). German silver. 27mm. Details...

A superb, crisply struck example of this extremely rare token.

Ex. Rudy Gilberti collection.
Ex. Steve Tanenbaum, November 14, 2001.

   HT 262       Low 117       MS 63       R-3   

Feuchtwanger's Composition. Three Cent Piece, 1837. German Silver. 1837. 25mm. Details...

Some softness of strike evident at the highest points.Muted satiny lustre beneath pleaseing rose-gray toning. Examples of this issue in this state of preservation are few and far.

Stack's April 14, 1999 sale lot 2031.

   HT 263       Low 1118       MS 61       R-5   

Feuchtwanger's Composition. Three Cent Piece. 1837. German Silver. 25mm. Details...

Lovely golden-rose patina aids the eye appeal of this rare coin. The obverse border has faint mint-made laminations near 7 o'clock. Struck from slightly rotated dies.

Heritage Numismatic Auctions. July, 2003 Baltimore Bullet Sale 327, August 8, 2003, Lot: 4962.

   HT 265A       Low 119A       PF-65       R-7   

FEUCHTWANGER THREE CENT PIECE. 23.6mm. Feuchtwanger's Composition. HT 265 and 265A are the same token. 265A has proof-like surfaces. Details...

A brilliant proof with just the slightest bit of rub on the highest points of the eagle's feathers. Virtually mark-free fields. The 8 in the date has been recut. PCAC listed as 265 but is in reality a 265A. Better than both John J. Ford specimens.

The Charles Litman Collection, PCAC sale #72, December 6, 2003, lot 86.
Ex. Donald Miller Collection.
Ex. DuPont Collection.

   HT 267       Low 179A       UNC 60       R-6   

Feuchtwanger's Composition. 1864. German Silver. 25mm.

This rare piece is found only in the most advanced collections and was missing from the John J. Ford collection auctioned by Stack's on June 23, 2004.

Obv: Excellent details on eagle's wings.

Rev: Excellent crispness on raised parts of wreath, a true accomplishment given the high relief of the reverse design.

Ex. Richard Gross Collection.

   HT 268 UNL       Low 120 UNL       MS 61       R-7   

Adams-Woodin 151 ("thin planchet"). Judd Appendix C, p. 249. Miller 246M. Feuchtwanger's metal.

An enigmatic token with Feuchtwanger reverse design surrounded by wreath on both sides. Each side struck from a different die and each being a different variety, but neither part of the HT 268 series.

Ex. The John J. Ford Collection, Part IV (Stack's, June 23, 2004, lot 244). Ex. New Netherlands stock; earlier, ex an unidentified David Bullowa sale as lot 595.

   HT 268-1A       Low 120-1A       AU 58       R-4   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 1-A. 1837 One Cent. German Silver. 18.5mm.

Rev: Some toning evident but does not distract.

Stack's Coin Galleries Nov 10, 1993 lot 1897.

   HT 268-2A       Low 120-2A       AU 55       R-5   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 2-A. 1837 One Cent. German Silver. 18.5mm.

A very difficult to find token. Crisp and evenly struck, overall. A problem-free example.

   HT 268-3B       Low 120-3B       AU 58       R-3   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 3-B. 1837 One Cent. German Silver. 18.5mm. Details...

Dark toning overall.

Stack's April 14, 1993 sale lot 2777.

   HT 268-3E       Low 120-3E       MS 63       R-3   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 3-E. 1837 One Cent. German silver.18.5mm. Details...

Gray toning overall.

Stack's Coin Galleries February 27, 2001 sale, lot 1372.

   HT 268-3G       Low 120-3G       AU 58       R-6   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 3-G. 1837 One Cent. German Silver. 18.9mm. Details...

Joe Levine has encountered only two other specimens of the 3G token in the past 25 years. All of them were VF. Rulau rates this piece as an R-6 while Koutsoures thinks it to be an R-8.

The Charles Litman Collection, PCAC sale #72, December 6, 2003, lot 90.
Probably Ex. Donald Miller Collection.

   HT 268-4E       Low 120-4E       AU 55       R-3   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 4-E. 1837 One Cent. German Silver. 18.5mm.

Medium gray toning overall.

Stack's April 14, 1993 sale lot 2778

   HT 268-5G       Low 120-5G       MS 63       R-2   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 5-G. 1837 One Cent. German Silver. 18.5mm.

Well Struck and mark-free, with smooth attractive surfacecs. Typical striking softness is seen on the central reverse letters. Problem Free example.

Heritage Numismatic Auctions. July, 2003 Baltimore Bullet Sale 327, August 8, 2003, Lot: 4963.

   HT 268-5H       Low 120-5H       MS 66       R-1   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 5-H. 1837 One Cent. German Silver. 18.5mm. Details...

This piece is probably the finest known of this variety. Exceptionally well struck for the issue, and the light chocolate-brown surfaces are free from both mint-made and post-production distractions.

Heritage Numismatic Auctions, 2003 Long Beach Signature Sale 330, lot 9713.

   HT 268-6A UNL       Low 120-6A UNL       MS 60       R-9   

UNLISTED. Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 6-A. Unlisted in this die pairing.

UNLISTED. This variety is unknown to both Low and Rulau. This particular die pairing has not been seen before.

Obv: Some flatness in high points of eagle's wings.

Rev: Some toning and discoloration on right hand side.

Ex. Stephen Parker collection.

   HT 268-6G       Low 120-6G       MS 62       R-2   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 6-G. 1837 One Cent. German Silver. 18.5mm.

Stack's June 23, 1992 sale lot 74.

   HT 268-6I       Low 120-6I       UNC 65       R-1   

Feuchtwanger Cent Variety 6-I. 1837 One Cent. German Silver. 18.5mm.

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated. Areas of delicate russet and gold toning over fully lustrous surfaces. Very seldom seen in this state of preservation.

Obv: Very crisp strike; some weakness in high points of the eagle's wings do not detract.

Stack's April 14, 1999 sale lot 2034.

   HT 272       Low 151       VF Details       R-6   

W. Gibbs, Agriculturist. New York, NY. Brass. Plain edge. (1837-40) Copper. 27.6mm. AGRICULTUREST (Sic!) Details...

Very Fine. Deep brown in color. Some old scratches both sides. A scarce token.

Obv: Legend weakly struck on base of obverse.

The Robert Schonwalter Collection of U.S. Hard Times Tokens, Stacks, January 20, 2004, lot 2296.
Ex. New Netherlands Coin Company, May 17, 1952.

   HT 275       Low 251       UNC 60       R-1   

Hallock & Bates, New York City. Brass. 29.8mm.

Brilliant Uncirculated, green gold toning with a splash of brown on the upper obverse rim.

Stack's January 21, 2003 sale, lot 1285.
Ex. Gilbert Steinberg collection (Stack's, October 1989, lot 496).

   HT 275A UNL       Low 251A UNL       AU-58       R-8   

UNLISTED. Hallock & Bates, New York. Silvered. Unlisted as slivered.

20% bright with 70% of original silver plating remaining. A very attractive example and the only specimen reported.

Steve Hayden Mail Bid Sale #20, October 18, 2003, Lot 656.

   HT 277       Low 253       VF-35       R-4   

Hallock, Dolson & Bates. New York. Brass. (1838-40). Brass. 29.8mm. Details...

Deep golden yellow in color. The rims are nicked and dented in places.

Stack's April 15, 1992 sale lot 3650.
Ex John L. Roper II Sale (Stack's March 20, 1984, lot 440).

   HT 279       Low 256       UNC65       R-3   

DR. J.G. HEWETT, NY. Copper. (1837-8). Copper. 29mm. Thin Flan. Details...

Bone setter at 68 Prince St. Choice Brilliant Uncirculated, if not slightly finer. A nice and attractive red and brown specimin.

Stack's Coin Galleries February 27, 2001 sale, lot 1375.

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